Automotive Retail Solutions (ARS) is an Independent Consulting and Training Company that delivers state of the art products and services to the Automotive Industry. Automotive Retail Solutions is a Company with a strong belief in helping companies grow their businesses, while being sensitive to the environment. We believe that we can make a difference. We offer turn-key business processes for your company that will generate added revenue while growing market share and profits. In today's uncertain times, having a competitive edge could make or break a company. ARS and its proven track record will give you that needed competitive edge. Please Download "Our Core Story" to see how we can help.

Dealership Retention Program: Customers are the lifeline of any auto dealership and they are the key factor for that dealership’s success. Automotive Retail Solutions, with over 50+ years of combined dealership experience, knows this firsthand. ARS has the right solutions to offer dealerships that focus on customer retention. Using our expertise and feedback of servicing over 300 dealerships, we realize there is not one clear-cut solution for a dealership.

 Each dealership’s operation is unique, and we have customized programs and solutions that will fit into any service drive or program. Our number one goal is to provide your customers with a positive user experience and to form long lasting relationships with the dealerships.

Walk Around Optimization (WAO): Chances are your dealership’s walk around process is costing you an extra 20-60% in additional net revenue because it is not optimized. Having an efficient walk around process in your service drive is one thing, but being able to optimize the process and create the right up sells and value-added services to your customers is another.

ARS will help you create the right balance between a proper walk around and the delivery of quality customer service. ARS will consult you and talk about the proper flow of a walk around, which includes proper meet-and-greet tactics from your Service Advisors, teaching them to look for revenue opportunities during inspection, and how to up sell low-barrier, high-margin products and services. ARS’ Walk Around Optimization treats every car as an opportunity to increase the dollar amount of the RO while consciously being valuing and satisfying to your customers. ARS firmly believes that each customer should leave your service drive feeling fulfilled, that they received the quality service they deserve. That starts as soon as they pull into the service drive and from the initial impact of having an optimized walk around process in place.

Glass Division – ARS Glass Division allows auto dealerships the ability to offer one of the highest-margin and low-barrier products to their customers. Many auto dealerships do not realize that 8 out of 10 cars (80% of your RO count each day) pull into a service drive with chips on their windshield that are in need of glass repair. This can lead to a world of opportunity: 80% of all cars being serviced can be up sold a value-added service that, in most instances, costs nothing to the customer because it is covered by their insurance company.

Integrating glass repair into your walk around process allows your Service Advisors to offer, in most cases, a free service to the customer. This provides an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your dealership’s attention to detail and devotion to customer service. Most up sells, such as wiper blades, cost the client out of their pocket and is an unexpected expense. At no cost to the customer, glass repair is one of the most powerful and highly-converted up sells available to a dealership. ARS Glass division will set up your dealership with all the supplies and software required. ARS provides all need training, reporting, and automated billing, and becomes a rev share partner with you. Insurance company billing is all done by ARS and check disbursement to your dealership is paid monthly.

The best part of working with ARS Glass Division is that your dealership is making money on day one when it is implemented. Glass repair has one of the highest returns on investments when compared to other product launch initiatives and has an average payback period of less than one full month of operations.  

Please take some time to review our testimonials and our case studies, and see how ARS Glass Division can help your dealership today!



ARS Glass has Generated over

$1,900,000.00 in NET income

For Dealerships in the last 12 months



Glass repair?  In the service drive?  Profitable?
I was skeptical when I first heard about the program.  Luckily, a friend is the service manager at a Honda store next door, and he clued me in on all the details.  After meeting Clayton D. Sampson, we were sold, and just three months later have added close to $12,000 to the bottom line in the service department.
The potential is much greater, and we are working to add $6,000-$8,000 per month.  Effortless in the business office, they just receive the check.  Highly recommended!
Frank Bachman
General Manager
Fontana Nissan  

Dear Clayton,
I wanted to thank you for allowing me to add your windshield Repair Program to my dealership.  Your program is almost effortless to maintain and it really is  a no-brainer for our clients.  Last month was our biggest Customer pay month in the history of Rock Honda coupled by a record number of Windshield repairs of 366.    Don’t get me wrong, I am not  giving you full credit for my Record Month, but I can say with full confidence that my service advisors are excited about your reward program and how it loads every Friday on previous weekly sales.  Managers may think the extra program will distract advisors from everything else they have to do but in reality, it helps their sales.  It’s almost a contagious boost that spills over to other items that advisors don’t normally focus on  to sell.  Not only are my advisors happier about selling what seems like everything now, but it’s nice to know that there is a program out there that not only are the advisors excited about but that the extra profit goes straight to the bottom line!  Now that’s nice!

Good morning Clayton,
I wanted to shoot you an email regarding our companies doing business over the last 2 months.
When you approached me here at Hardin Hyundai regarding your windshield repair program I was somewhat skeptical. I am not one who jumps right in when someone tries to sell me a program and states it is “ CAN’T MISS”. After sitting with you and going over your business plan and the promise to me that you would not let it fail you gave me your word the program would be good for me and my store. Well you were slightly off. It has been great!! The training and the resources you provided us here at Hardin have been invaluable.
I would like to thank you for introducing me to the ARS promise. You have kept to your word that the program would work and it did. If you ever need a reference regarding your program please do not hesitate to use me.
Thank you again for allowing me to do business with ARS.
Mike Sanders
Service Manager
Hardin Hyundai

Good afternoon Clayton,
I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences about ARS not only as a company but a true money making program.
First and foremost the support system and training that goes hand in hand with ARS has been 2nd to none. Clayton Sampson is first rate in a non invasive yet effective training with management, consultants and installers. They keep the system and approach extremely simple and teachable.  Simply put , get the product on hand and put the system in place.
Understand the simplicity of it and train your team.
Make the consultants accountable for a realistic daily, weekly and monthly number and stay on a simple, not over spoken word track.
Watch the revenue come in.
It's really that simple. Claim submission is easy and comes with a separate card swipe machine and essentially ARS does the rest.
Clayton I believe you have a home run here and it will only get better.
thanks for your support and help,

Thank you for bringing your program to my store. As you know we have been on the program for only three days and what a difference you / we have made! By the end of today I will have produced enough net profit to pay for the program. Not a bad ROI. The first month out of the box we will have made a net profit of $16,000.00 even with start- up problems that were beyond your control !!

Jay Malloy Simpson Buick GMC

We have been on the ARS program now for about a month. I have to say, this is one of the easiest, legitimate     money making programs I’ve seen.  Virtually every car pulling in to our service drive has at least one windshield chip, if not more.  We inspect the vehicle for any chips and offer to handle an insurance claim for the customer at no cost to them. Most of our repairs have been customer pay.  It doesn’t get much easier. The claim form is simple, the Advisors are excited about it, and the company is here training, motivating and rewarding our service department on a regular basis.  I just want to sincerely thank Clayton Sampson and ARS for bringing this opportunity to my attention.


Kelly S. (Advisor) Kearny Pearson Ford/Kia

After trying on multiple pairs of shoes for my wedding, and countless hours in the mall I found them, “the shoes” then, I had a massive reality check as I looked at the price tag. What the…. $900.00 for a pair of shoes, no-way Jose, I nor anyone can afford a pair of $900.00 shoes in the snap of a finger. SO, I took a deep breath, and decided I would “settle” for a pair of wedges…. I bought the wedges, and could not forget about these darn $900.00 pair of heels. After Clayton and his team came into my work and gave me the opportunity to help my customers and assure their safety, as well as grow my business, and be able to put the cherry on top, and allow my walk down the aisle with my father, to assure I feel nothing but beautiful, walking down in my dream dress, and finally being able to wear “the shoes” due to a simple question, “what insurance do you have.” I am so thankful for the opportunity Clayton gave me, and truly believe that what we offer with ARS is truly a fantastic opportunity for our customer to assure they are safe in their vehicle, for little to no money. Thank you, and I appreciate all of your help in making my day so special, and offering the chance to have my dream wedding shoes. 

Greg Bakalyan (Advisor), Century West BMW

Just wanted to share my thoughts about the ARS program.  Since ARS introduced the program "helping client to save money " by not replacing windshields unnecessary"  and it's no cost to client to repair cracks, stars, chips and blisters, most of the time.  Most Insurance Companies wavies the deductable.   As a Team Captain for TourDeCure my role is to raise money to STOP DIABETES, so I decided to donate the $5.00 I recieve per windshield to help America Diabetes Association.  Thank you ARS for making this happen for my dealership and ADA.  The children born with diabetes is my focus, my heart goes out to those children, they get a insulin shots daily, and yet kids are getting stronger. It is heart felt to here stories about kids like that.  So I decided to give 100% of the $5.00 I am paid per windshield on my Rapid Pay Card to ADA.

Mike Duplessis (Advisor), Escondido BMW & MINI

My name is Michael Duplessis and I’m a service adviser. I would like to share my feelings on the ARS windshield repair program. When the management explained to us we would be starting this new windshield repair program my first thought was I would be bogged down with having to check every windshield that came through the door. Then I’d have to talk a customer into fixing it. In other words, I wanted nothing to do with this new program at all. I have to say now that we have been working with ARS and I have come to really love it.

First of all the fact were helping military veterans makes me feel proud and like I’m doing something to give back to those individuals that have served our country. I would also like to share how I now feel about the program as a working service adviser who has embraced it. The process is so much easier then I thought. I simply inspect the car for chips and if it has one or some I get a quick authorization from customer. The price on average is so low that most customers give an immediate approval to move forward with repair. Or a lot of the auto insurance companies give authorization to repair the chips and it cost the customer nothing. The chips are guaranteed to never crack out or they get the fee back for life if they do. The new repair process is so quick and easy it makes this whole process painless for everyone involved. In closing, I am happy about this program because I am now providing a service that my customers appreciate and I am paid a nice commission on every single one I do. Thanks for the opportunity ARS…

Cameron (Owner), Magic City Ford

 ARS is one of those systems that really makes you want to kick yourself for not having it in place years earlier. We've had nothing but excellent service and an excellent experience with ARS. It was easy to implement in our service department and it will generate several thousand per month in net income to the bottom line. This is an income stream that we've never had in the past and wouldn't have now if it weren't for ARS.

Al C, Sansone Nissan

During my 37 years in the automotive industry, I have had the opportunity to look at many new products and services geared towards helping me improve my business in one way or another. This is the first program I have seen that truly starts to build a trusting relationship between the customer and the advisor, immediately. And after all, isn't that why we do what we do? Customers always feel more comfortable doing business with someone they can trust. Your program is a win situation for all involved. The customer, the advisor, and the company. The feedback we have been getting from the customers has been all positive. I am looking forward to continuing to use your program to increase my overall retention. It was a pleasure meeting you and your staff, and i wish you continued success.


Jeff S (Service Manger)., Gorges Volvo

From the training to the launch, this program is everything they said it would be and more. Automotive Retail Solutions customer service has been excellent and our local representative has become a part of the dealership family. We love this program! 

Mike Mazzaro(Service Manger), Kundert Volvo

Our customers are very happy to know that their safety is our number one priority. As a result they know we are looking out for their best interest in keeping their cost down for future repairs...